MISSION STATEMENT: Centerpoint Manufacturing, Inc. provides security solutions for government, public and corporate venues to safeguard employees, patrons and customers. We will create a cleaner and safer pedestrian environment, reduce damage and save lives while protecting the livelihoods of executives, managers and stakeholders.


PHILOSOPHY: Precision manufacturing and ethical business administration requires establishment and maintenance of a centerpoint. At Centerpoint Manufacturing, Inc., we believe in a philosophy of precision and quality in our products and integrity in all aspects of our relationships with customers, associates, suppliers and employees.

HISTORY: Why trash cans? They are the easiest point of attack in our modern, package prolific society because anyone can throw anything into a trash can and walk away. Common trash cans become part of the problem as they create secondary fragments that can travel several hundred feet before injuring or killing someone. Trash cans were the favorite target of the IRA in London and when trash cans were removed the ensuing death and damage from debris fires was worse. Some authorities have tried transparent receptacles made from thin plastic but even though this solution does not create secondary fragments, the primary fragments, explosive fireball and pressures are not diminished. Some authorities have installed acrylic or polycarbonate sided trash cans of metal or metal reinforced, rigid plastic structures that create small shards of disastrous secondary fragments along with the metal and rigid plastic components. The only real solution is Security Trash Receptacles that contain primary fragments, create no secondary fragments, mitigates horizontal pressures and fireball and will save lives.

Many of these, so called, Security Trash Receptacles have been around and sold for a long time but the testing was sketchy, improperly performed and meant to conceal major weaknesses from lay purchasers of these products. Those cans had inflated force protection ratings and fail their own specifications in real explosive tests. In 2002, Centerpoint Manufacturing, Inc. began development and patented the best and most competent Security Trash Receptacle in the world. Our unique combination of thorough testing, material science and manufacturing acumen has produced a BRWR™ Security Trash Receptacle that contains all fragments and mitigates and diverts multiples of force protection more than any other product.

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When protecting your family, friends, associates and livelihood, why would you consider anything less than the trash can that works at a competitive price – the best?

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