Most facilities never consider the threats surrounding their building and open areas. Most security companies install cameras, key pad entry and some type of door, window and motion detection. None of these actually defend against terrorists or vandalism or violence. Security Trash Receptacles are the one item they all miss but the U.S. Department of Homeland Security mandated that standard trash cans must be removed from high pedestrian volume rail systems and install Security Trash Receptacles. Centerpoint has built in bollard receptacles that hide the threat protection from vehicle damage. The provided standard anchor resists 4,000 pounds of force in all receptacles that are anchored. Centerpoint provides a stainless steel concrete anchor with each receptacle along with drainage option materials and an initial trash bag.
Rarely does anyone considered the security aspect of protecting the easiest location in the facility when an explosive detonates. Regular trash receptacles become deadly shrapnel when someone with malicious intent places an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) in them. Explosives are easy to find and ingredients are on the internet. There are over 4,000, and many years over 5,000, explosive incidents per year in the U.S. according to the Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Bureau that is charged with keeping these records. Most are small IEDs. Many involve trash cans. Those statistics were constant before 9/11. The potential now for an explosive incident is much greater and will be much deadlier. The use of trash bins as bomb containers in retail, transit stations, events, and schools are the easiest places to hide terror.
The nature of explosives, with velocities over 25,000 feet per second and thousands of tons of pressure from IEDs can create tremendous carnage and destruction if not mitigated. The shrapnel alone can travel several hundred feet and cause a fatal injury to anybody in their path.

The management and security teams should select and locate Security Trash Receptacles that will enhance and blend into the exterior and interior spaces and in the process make any facility more secure. The Centerpoint Security Trash Receptacles, built with heavy U.S. steel that will last as long as most buildings, are available in brushed overcoat finish stainless steel, which is recommended for exterior coastal applications and an anti-graffiti three coat urethane paint finish in any color desired that can be wiped clean with provided special cleaners. A snug fitting, frangible polyethylene cover is an attractive accessory to keep outdoor contents dry or hide interior trash.
You can be assured that the product you specify is the one that Centerpoint delivers. The company is a U.S. owned and based manufacturer that has been building explosive resistant products since 2002. The owner is a Professional Engineer that worked in the construction industry before starting Centerpoint Manufacturing, Inc. Our slogan, “Protecting Lives and Livelihoods”, is not taken lightly. Our products have a safety factor built into them and they pass all test criteria every time.
Give your firm and your client an opportunity to experience the security and longevity of the Centerpoint Security Trash Receptacles on each project.