Protection Levels

Why trash cans? Every facility must have them. But trash cans are also easy targets to conceal explosives anonymously and inflict maximum damage. Remember the Atlanta Olympic bombing? Security forces are on alert for someone leaving a package or bag at a public venue but anyone can toss an innocuous looking cup, bag or box into a trash can. Minutes later the explosive detonates and the standard trash can becomes part of the attack — spreading additional shrapnel within the explosive boundary. Even small amounts of readily available explosives can cause death, injury and havoc at your facility along with loss of revenues and respect.

Where should you consider Centerpoint Security Trash Receptacles?
At all US facilities such as offices, stadiums, theatres, malls, retail outlets, fast food establishments, schools, universities, amusement parks, transportation stations, banks, financial firms, medical facilities, and all government buildings.
Select the Force Protection Level for Your Security Requirements (Click on the images to see test videos.)
Level 1 Recommended where Pipe Bombs are a threat–Retail, Fast Food, Middle Schools.
Level 2 Recommended where Small Explosives are a threat–Parks, Campuses, High Schools, Outdoor Areas.
Level 3 Recommended where Medium Explosives are a threat-College Buildings, Hospitals, Offices Buildings, Assembly Facilities.
Level 4 Recommended where Large Explosives are a threat–Government Buildings, Checkpoints, Courthouses, Airports, Metro Stations.
Level 5 Recommended where Extremely Large Explosives are a threat–Military and Federal Buildings, Airports, Metro Stations.
Terrorism, both foreign and domestic is real.  Don’t be the soft target, contact us at