Why trash cans? They are the easiest point of attack in our modern, package prolific society because anyone can throw anything into a trash can and walk away. Remember the Atlanta Olympic and Boston Marathon bombings using trash cans as the most reported? Common trash cans become part of the problem as they create secondary fragments that can travel several hundred feet before injuring or killing someone. Trash cans were the favorite target of the IRA in London and when trash cans were removed the ensuing death toll and damage from debris fires was worse. There is really no other practical way to collect trash in an efficient manner.

Some manufacturers produced transparent receptacles with clear acrylic or polycarbonate panels and metal posts, bottoms and tops. During an explosive event the metal becomes secondary deadly fragments but that is not the worst part of these death cans. The clear plastic materials can’t be found with X-rays so a surgeon has the choice to either do nothing or start probing to find clear materials that they do not know where they are. Neither is a good choice. The concept of this product sprouted from some bureaucrats with the thought that keen eyed personnel would be able to determine a bomb from bag or cup thrown into the trash bin. Of course that would require one keen eyed guard to watch each trash can and never take a break or lunch or turn their head. That does not seem possible or financially prudent. If your transit system or facility has these products stay as far away as possible but better still request that all of them be removed ASAP.

The only real solution is Centerpoint Security Trash Receptacles that will contain primary fragments, create no secondary fragments, mitigates horizontal pressures and fireball and save lives.

Many of these, so called, Bomb Proof Trash Receptacles have been around and sold for a long time but the testing was sketchy, improperly performed and meant to conceal major weaknesses from lay purchasers of these products. Those cans had inflated force protection ratings and fail their own specifications in real explosive tests. Over $30 million and probably more now was spent on these poorly designed and built receptacles.

In 2002 just after 911, Centerpoint Manufacturing, Inc. began development and patented the best and most competent Security Trash Receptacle in the world. Our unique combination of thorough testing, material science and manufacturing acumen has produced a Security Trash Receptacle that contains all fragments and mitigates and diverts multiples of force protection more than any other product. With 5 LEVELS of Protection and three capacity quantities plus a myriad of colors with many options we know you will be pleased with Centerpoint.

When protecting your family, friends, associates and livelihood, why would you consider anything less than the one trash receptacle that provides real protection at a competitive price.

Why not the best? Contact us today to secure your facility for the future.