• DHS SAFETY Act 2002 Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology Product
  • Triple wall patented trash can technology, bomb proof, tested at U.S. testing agencies and qualified to withstand multiple location, full capacity explosions without horizontal or metal fragmentation while containing primary fragments from pipe bombs or other improvised explosive devices.
  • Internal blast is directed vertically. Unique Compression Absorption Resilient (CAR) layers are used with all models.
  • Unique, patented design with no metal parts of the trash can in blast path to become airborne damaging debris.
  • Galvanized edges, walls, and drains provide corrosion resistance in most environments. Stoppers allow seepage to be retained for later removal.

  • The qualified force protections of the trash can models and your location are never published. These features add to your security.

  • Attractive and durable Spun Stainless Steel top is available on many models. This top stays in place.

  • The radius and angled stainless top is designed to tip items into the trash can to prevent explosives being placed above bomb proof protective zone.

  • Lightweight, non-lethal, polyethylene tops are provided in with several of the model choices.

  • Heavy patented locking plastic liner accepts multiple trash can bags at the same time, which are easily removed when full. Attendant, concession or security can remove a full bag and prevent an explosive being placed above the bomb proof containment area during peak usage.

  • Available plastic trash can liners are thirty (30), thirty five (35), or forty (40) gallon.

  • Drainage options are standard. Seepage around top can be stored internally for later clean up. Any liquids within the trash can bag are contained by the heavy plastic liner if the bag leaks.

Design criteria

  • Complies with reach and access criteria of the American with Disabilities Act.

  • Designed and built in the USA using U.S. purchased materials


  • Installation and maintenance instructions are included with each receptacle. Technical assistance is available via email and phone. On site supervision can be provided.
  • Standard pallet jacks and lifting equipment locate and install trash can. A special Centerpoint lifting tool is provided with every order to make installation easier.

  • Easy on-site placement, leveling, and anchoring with single point pickup and stainless, concrete anchor which resists over 4000 pounds in shear (horizontal) or tension (vertical) forces. Fifteen minutes is all the time needed to install once the receptacle is at its location.

  • Each trash can is individually packaged with sturdy pallet and protective, custom designed packaging.

Weatherproof Covers
Exclusively for Centerpoint Security Trash Receptacle
(available for 35/40 gallon only)

  • Flexible Ultra Violet Resistant, Molded Polyethylene, One Piece Plastic
  • Security Bolts can be affixed to deter vandalism or dumpster diving
  • The Security Bolt also hold the Cover in place during high winds
  • Total weight of 11 pounds (5 KG) and disengages in vertical direction during an explosion
  • Use Indoors or Outdoors to keep interior dry and hide unsightly trash
  • Trash collection is simple, just lift cover and remove bag
  • Custom openings are available for RECYCLING
  • Standard Classic Black with Sand Finish