SECURITY: Providing security is the main consideration to purchase Centerpoint Security Trash Receptacles. The following information describes our commitment to you, the customer that your security will be equal or greater than the protection you required. Our receptacles have smaller diameters than most others but are heavier and have higher tested protection. The engineering involved to accomplish this allows the Centerpoint Security Trash Receptacles model options to blend into any environment or design. We have also built in additional longevity morethan any other receptacle with our anti-graffiti or the stainless protective overcoat. With 5 LEVELS of Protection and three capacity quantities plus a myriad of colors with many options we know you will be pleased with Centerpoint.

THOROUGHLY TESTED: Centerpoint Mfg., Inc. pioneered multiple position, full charge contact testing to insure the integrity of the receptacles. Centerpoint receptacles were engineered to strict tolerances and then tested at Energetic Materials and Research Testing Center, a division of New Mexico Tech. Testing was completed before any product was offered to the public. Many competitive products seem to only be tested after someone questions their integrity and they have failed to live up to their claims. Several customers found that the receptacles they received failed minimal testing or were such poor construction they could not use their products. There are no equivocations about appearance or testing protocols. In fact, we encourage customers to duplicate testing in accordance with ASTM standards.

GALVANIZED EXTERIOR with ANTI-GRAFFITI FINISH: The exterior surface of the Centerpoint Universal model utilizes galvanized steel outer walls. Galvanizing resists corrosion from salt or humid atmospheres better than raw steel with a bit of primer used by competitors. If you don’t want rust stains on your sidewalks or floors, you want the Universal. We use a three part final finish using Sherwin-Williams primer, paint of any color and then apply our pioneered anti-graffiti finish. The low VOC water based urethanes provide long life with vibrant colors and the anti-graffiti finish can be cleaned after marker or spray paint applications if caught within a few days.

STAINLESS with PROTECTIVE OVERCOAT: The Centerpoint Infinity model uses a thick outer wall of 304 stainless steel. The stainless is welded and then we create a beautiful brush finish on our automated machine. This exterior treatment can be placed anywhere and will last longer than most buildings. Other manufacturers cover their trash cans with a glued, cheap, thin sheet of stainless that can be gouged and deeply scratched by a rolling buggy or suitcase. Our tests show the glue will not hold the stainless to the can during the explosive expansion of the can. The thin stainless sheet becomes an airborne knife edge.

SPUN STAINLESS TOP: The unique Centerpoint stainless steel top is welded to the receptacle and stays in place during an explosion. Therefore the Centerpoint top does not produce lethal metal fragments. The top is spun using our proprietary molds from a thick stainless sheet and will last virtually forever. The top is designed to tip objects into the receptacle as an added security feature. If you review the tops of other cans, they are metal lids that always fly off, rigid plastic that becomes lethal fragments or thin metal sheets that become airborne sharp objects during an explosion.

DOMESTIC MATERIALS: We purchase only U.S. domestic steel. Foreign steel is sometimes not graded properly and therefore is not suitable for use in a security product. This assurance is required by Centerpoint for perfect performance every time. By the way, steel is the most recycled product in the world. In 2008, steel recycling reached 104% of steel shipments.

UNIQUE C.A.R.: This stands for our patented Compressive Absorption Resistance layers within every receptacle. Our triple wall design and multiple layers resist and absorb massive forces during an explosive event. This combination of materials is why we have the highest rated protection receptacles in the world. That is a comforting thought and C.A.R. is only available in the Centerpoint receptacles.

HEAVY: Centerpoint competitors use this feature of our products as a negative against us and we admit our products are the heaviest. Centerpoint uses more steel and more layers than anyone. Sometimes our steel content weighs more than the competition product leaving us to wonder what they are foisting on the customer besides a cheap price. Of course weight costs more but we did not do this to have a sales feature, our weight is required to insure performance with a safety factor. We know you want to purchase a receptacle that will do what the manufacturer says it does. If you want assured security, weight should be considered a positive. The total weight is distributed on three feet that disburses the mass over a 10 square foot area. An upper floor of a commercial building designed for a live load of 15 pounds or greater will easily support the dead weight load of any Centerpoint receptacle.

SPEEDY INSTALLATIONS: Centerpoint receptacles move through standard 3 foot doors using pallet jacks. Once the locations are determined and the receptacle is in place the time to finish is less than 15 minutes.

EASY TO SERVICE: The janitorial staff will appreciate these receptacles. Multiple bags may be put on the removable molded polyethylene liner at one time making it easier for anyone to remove a full bag and have another waiting during rush hours.. The removable liner is easy to clean at the receptacle or can be removed and taken to a can washer area.

OUR PROMISE: At Centerpoint we have always believed in providing the best security for our customers, not just in selling a product. Our price is sometimes higher but we always provide higher value. Our products last longer, are easier to install and service and are always built to our uncompromising standards.